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Most of these fics are on my old LJ, rokeby.

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skin. pg-13. 2,9k. canon.
Donghae liked Eunhyuk best when he was naked.

with eyes the size of baby worlds. nc-17. 7,1k. canon.
In which Hyukjae makes Donghae try something new.

of solos and sweatpants. nc-17. 4,4k. canon.
All Hyukjae wants is to show Donghae his new solo..

crowded room. nc-17. 747w. harry potter au.
Donghae corners Hyukjae in the Prefects' bathroom after the Yule Ball..

rumored nights. nc-17. 2k. harry potter au. sequel to crowded room.
Hyukjae and Donghae fuck in the Prefects' bathroom.

year after year. pg-13. 2,5k. high school au/christmas au.
Imagine your OTP going to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap and telling him what they want for Christmas.

backstage. nc-17. 1,3k. canon.
Heechul watches as Kyuhyun shows Sungmin who he belongs to. .

here in my arms. nc-17. 751w. high school au.
Sungmin hadn"t seen this coming in a million years. .

ragnarok. nc-17. 749w. norse mythology au.
“You don"t happen to know anything about the escape of the Fenrir, do you?”.

harlequin. nc-17. 702w. band au.
Lee Sungmin is a fucking rockstar. .

kill the chorus. nc-17. 6,5k. high school au.
“Could you please stop resisting me now, Sungmin hyung.”

freefall. nc-17. 975w. canon.
Somehow he always thought he was descending clouds when he was doing this with him. Always..

家族. pg. 1,6k. baby au.
It's morning in the Kangteuk household and Leeteuk wakes baby Donghae.

run. nc-17. 500w. horror au.
They"re out there somewhere, looking for them.

remembering sunday. nc-17. 748w. d&s au.
Ryeowook doesn"t wake up when the door slams, or when Yesung stumbles through the room, drunk..


watch us until we blur. nc-17. 9,5k. wolf au. abo au.
After his pack is merged with another pack, Jongdae struggles with the new alpha, who seems like he hates his guts. It doesn't help that Jongdae finds himself getting interested in one of the youngest wolves in the pack, Jongin.

growl. nc-17. 3,2k. canon.
Yixing wants Coke but Jongin has other plans.

planetary (go!). nc-17. 3,1k. club au.
Jongin meets Yixing in a club.

adore. pg-13. 3,4k. canon.
Junmyeon has an embarrassing crush on Kyungsoo and it seems like the entire dorm knows, save for Kyungsoo himself.

a birth of a song. r. 14,5k. a song of ice and fire au.
House Baratheon is ruling Westeros, but a group of rebels lurk in the shadows, wanting nothing more than to get rid of them all.

living louder. nc-17. 13,8k. girl au. college/uni au.
Junmi falls in love with a song, and the girl who sings it.

no worries. pg. 889w. domestic au.
Junmyeon and the two most important boys in his life.

you need it too. nc-17. 1,4k. uni au.
He feels out of place.

nine in the afternoon. nc-17. 4,7k. canon.
Sehun has the best boyfriends ever.

baby,i. nc-17. 4,9k. canon.
Showering with Zitao is never just showering.

tonight(you're falling in love). nc-17. 4,7k. uni au, abo au.
Kyungsoo’s friends drag him to a frat party hosted by an all-alpha fraternity.

behind the sea. nc-17. 3,7k. camping au.
In which Minseok puts up a tent and s'mores aren't proper food.

you’re faking a smile with the coffee to go (blue sky holiday). pg-13. 5,8k. coffee shop au.
It is snowing. Huge snowflakes are sticking to the window briefly before they melt into droplets, trailing down the surface.

sugar rush. nc-17. 5,4k. daddy kink au.
It's Minseok's Saturday off and Sehun brings him breakfast in bed.

cumulonimbus. pg-13. 2k. harry potter au.
There will be no pity parties on Minseok's watch.

together, morning baby. pg-13. 549w. domestic au.
It's a muggy kind of day.

baby bring me in. nc-17. 4k. domestic au, girls!au.
Yifei's girlfriend is a neat freak who loves to spoil her.

just another manic monday. pg-13. 2,2k. parents au.
It’s Monday morning in the Kim-Wu Household.

as long as you're mine. nc-17. 2,5k. wolf au. abo au.
Yixing looks forward to spend a small eternity with Jongdae.

check yes. nc-17. 2k. coffee shop au.
Sehun helps Yixing relax after a day at work. .

yellow. nc-17. 4,3k. cat hybrid au.
Honestly, Jongdae thinks Yifan is just glad they stopped fighting.

pon de replay. nc-17. 1,8k. dancing au.
Jongin and Zitao are paired up for a dance recital.


ignite your bones. nc-17. 6,3k. one night stand au.
Hakyeon meets someone who makes him want to stay.

golden skies. pg. 581w. college au.
The Academy is the last thing on Hakyeon"s mind this bright summer day.

i'll go for you. pg-13. 1,1k. domestic au.
Something cold presses against Taekwoon"s shin.

at the top of my lungs. nc-17. 7,6k. college au.
wonshik comes home to find a mountain of blankets on his sofa.


out of the darkness. pg-13. 345w. post-apocalyptic au.
The storage is cold, silent.


with you. pg-13. 2,7k. college/uni au.
Yoongi loathes winter.

love, love, love. pg-13. 518w. established relationship, mpreg.
"Namjoon never watches the road when he drives anyways.“

when i'm in love. pg-13. 2,1k. hp au.
In a strange way, it feels like home.


before the sun comes up. nc-17. 4,3k. abo/wolf au.
It’s the night of the full moon and Seungyoon has to stay at home due to his impending heat.


take your time(when it rains). pg-13. 4,9k. college/uni au.
In which Jongdae receives a note, Taekwoon keeps jumping to conclusions, and Hakyeon gives advice while Kyungsoo is done with everyone.

color me with your color. nc-17. 6,2k. soccer au.
Minseok and Taekwoon fuck in the locker room.

'till we see the sun. nc-17. 15k. supernatural/vampire au.
Yixing claims that Minseok just needs to get laid, and while Minseok agrees, he had never thought that it would happen like this.

open happiness. nc-17. 2k. uni au.
There are both pros and cons dating a photography major.
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