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Title: Love, Love, Love. [AU]
Pairing: Yoongi/Seokjin.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Mpreg, cursing.
Word count: 518w.

“Namjoon never watches the road when he drives anyways. I think you’re brave to– “Yoongi pauses, blinks. While he’s expected to be met with silence, quiet, he’s met with the sound of bare feet against the wooden floor, rustles of plastic bags. Yoongi’s eyes widen, pulse speeds up. He’s not supposed to be doing this right now. “Shit, I’ll talk to you later, if I don’t get killed.”

Hoseok is speaking when Yoongi hangs up, throwing the phone as far away from him as possible; which ends up being not that far at all since he’s seated in the middle of the floor in a tiny room with wooden parts of a crib strewn around him. There’s no way to go. Yoongi is trapped. The footsteps get louder, closer and Yoongi wishes that he could teleport back into bed where he’s supposed to be right now.

“Min Yoongi, what the eff do you think you’re doing out of bed?”

Yoongi knows he should be terrified, counting his blessings, but he finds that extremely difficult when Seokjin is standing in the doorframe, wearing a fluffy, pink sweater. The messiness of his brown hair; stands poking out everywhere, as well as the pink tint in his cheeks don’t help at all. Seokjin looks absolutely adorable, like cotton candy and Yoongi has to fight the urge to coo at him. Something tells him that wouldn’t help his situation at all.

“What the ‘eff’, really?” Yoongi says, chewing on his bottom lip so he won’t smile or grin or do anything that’ll make him get his ass kicked five ways into next week.

“I’m not swearing around the baby. The doctor says he can hear us, remember?” Seokjin says, eyes wide as his gaze falls from Yoongi’s face to Yoongi’s swollen tummy that he tried and failed to hide under a big hoodie. Unconsciously, Yoongi pulls on the hem of his sweater, wishing it would cover his bump more, make it invisible.

“Doc said he’ll hear us when we’re close, not – “Yoongi gestures wildly with his hands. “– On the other side of the Earth.”

Seokjin purses his lips as he crosses the floor, hands settling under each of Yoongi’s armpits before he pulls him up from the floor. Yoongi expects him to let go once Yoongi is on his feet, but instead Seokjin pulls Yoongi’s back flush against his chest, both of Seokjin’s hands comes to rest on Yoongi’s round tummy, softly, carefully as if he’s afraid of damaging it.

“The doctor also told you to stay in bed because you’re overworking your body,” Seokjin says softly, bending slightly to be able to hook his chin over Yoongi’s shoulder. It always feels nice, Yoongi admits to himself, having Seokjin close. He’s always warm, while Yoongi always is cold.

“Not being able to do anything drives me crazy,” Yoongi admits wryly.

Seokjin hums a slow, familiar tune as he traces small patterns over Yoongi’s clothed bump. “So you decided to put together his crib?”

“Kind of. I lost the manual and decided to wing it.”

Seokjin laughs, loud, obnoxious. Yoongi’s heart flutters.

Title: When I'm in Love. [HP! AU]
Pairing: Yoongi/Seokjin.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Cursing (just to be safe), slight angst.
Word count: 2,1k.

In a strange way, it feels like home. The Hogwarts castle with all its secrets, magic. It looks like a gingerbread house now; cotton-like snow covering the rooftops, enchanted lights in the windows. It has been snowing for days, it still is.

“It’s like magic!” Seokjin exclaims, gushing about the snow and how it looks like “A real, live Christmas card, Yoongi!”

Seokjin’s hand is warm against his own, both hands tucked into the pocket of Seokjin’s thick, padded winter parka. Yoongi had forgone gloves when he had gone out earlier. It was early December so how cold could it actually be. He had learnt the hard way that it was freezing, the cold air biting his cheeks, nose the same second he had stepped outside. Luckily he had been clever enough to wear his beanie, tucked it further over his ears so only his eyes were visible between the scarf and the beanie.

Seokjin had chided at him of course, threatened to drag him back in and dress him properly. Yoongi isn’t sure what Seokjin had meant by properly but had managed to convince Seokjin that he was fine and not that cold.

It’s the last Hogsmeade visit before Christmas. The next one is scheduled to the end of January and Yoongi would rather not miss this. Especially since it’s the last time he’s seeing Seokjin in a while. He’d never want to admit that out loud, of course. Instead he had blamed it on needing new supplies from Zonko’s. If Seokjin had seen through the lie, he kept silent about it. Had simply entangled their fingers and pulled Yoongi with him, following the rest of the Hogwarts students heading for Hogsmeade.

In front of them, the landscape is unfolding beautifully, Yoongi has to admit. Everything is tucked under a blanket of white snow. It feels peaceful, healing somehow. Next to him, Seokjin is still cooing at the scenery.

“I wish I had brought my camera!” Seokjin says wistfully, bringing their movements to a halt as he looks thoroughly at the snow covered trees. His gaze moves slow as if he’s trying to paint a picture in his mind. Seokjin’s mouth is slightly open in awe, soft gasps escaping through his thick, pink lips. He’s beautiful. Seokjin lifts his glove-covered hand, curls his fingers so it seems like he’s holding a camera, makes little clicking sounds with his mouth.

Yoongi looks down at his shoes.

“Ah, we should get going. I’m sorry,” Seokjin says sheepishly, squeezing Yoongi’s hand as if apologizing.

“I don’t mind,” Yoongi mutters, buries his face further into his scarf when Seokjin beams at him like he’s the sun. Yoongi’s heart flutters in his chest.

They end up at Three Broomsticks after browsing through Zonko’s – Yoongi bought some Hiccough sweets and dungbombs. As he had gone off to pay he had let go of Seokjin who went to browse through the store by himself. Yoongi had returned just in time to save a giggling Seokjin from a nose-biting teacup, snarling at a store attendant to keep their shit in check. Seokjin had waved it off, laughing that it had been his fault, reassuring the store attendant who had been close to tears.

“Are you sure your nose is ok?” Yoongi asks when Seokjin returns with two butterbeers. Seokjin nods, pushes one of the huge cups towards Yoongi before he sheds his outerwear. Unlike Yoongi who’s just in a plain, gray hoodie, Seokjin is thoroughly layered up; tucked in a cardigan that looks like it’s made out of wool, as well as a woolen, blue sweater west and a shirt tucked underneath. The hair on the back of his neck is sticking up as he unwrings his scarf. Yoongi takes a big sip from his butterbeer, hiding his big, silly smile in the sweet foam. Seokjin has the ability to make Yoongi’s intestines looping, filling him with the warm feeling of butterflies flying in his diaphragm.

Seokjin pulls the thick cardigan off his broad shoulders too, but to Yoongi’s surprise he doesn’t fold it up with the rest of his clothes. Instead walks around the table to dress Yoongi in it. He doesn’t just fold it over Yoongi’s shoulders, no, he makes Yoongi lift his arms so he can put it on him properly. Yoongi hopes his cheeks still are red from the cold. He can feel scarlet settle in his cheeks, the tips of his ears.

Yoongi looks dumbly at Seokjin as he settles back in his chair, taking a sip of his butterbeer.

“You looked cold,” says Seokjin, shrugging his shoulders. Yoongi does not blush. At all.

They remain seated until they have finished their butterbeers, the sweet drink warming their cold bodies. The Three Broomsticks is bustling with Hogwarts students and teachers alike, boarding on too crowded for Yoongi’s taste. Some of the other students from his House; older and younger alike are starting to notice him in Seokjin’s sweater. No one is actually saying anything, but the looks they’re sending their way, Seokjin’s way are loaded with a thousand words.

Yoongi entertains the thought of pulling out his wand and make them all tap-dance for an hour or seven. The back of his neck is burning in anger. How dare they look at his boyfriend like that. The worst part is that they’re shameless about it, eyeing Seokjin like he’s their next meal, laid out on a silver platter. Yoongi feels his cheeks color, anger bubbling in his chest.

“Hey,” Seokjin says softly, leaning over the table to get closer to Yoongi. Seokjin raises his hand but retracts it quickly, as if burned. Yoongi’s heart sinks, his throat tightens as he watches Seokjin sit back in his chair, putting distance between them. A shadow falls over Seokjin’s beautiful face, teeth sinking into his bottom lip, worrying it as his hands fall limply in his lap.

“Seokjin-“ Yoongi begins quietly. It’s Yoongi’s turn to lean over the table only for Seokjin to pull further back, doesn’t let Yoongi touch him.

“Let’s just get out of here,” Seokjin murmurs, getting up. Yoongi tries to make their eyes meet but it seems like Seokjin is actively avoiding it. When Seokjin make to retrieve his cardigan from Yoongi, he wraps it around his smaller body, refusing to give it back to Seokjin. Seokjin sighs, a soft exhale of air but he doesn’t make to try to take the cardigan away from Yoongi.

Seokjin and Yoongi make their way between the tables and past the table with the seventh year Slytherins. Seokjin walks in front and Yoongi waits, anticipates catcalls or suggestive remarks from the Seventh years but they all remain silent. Yoongi furrows his eyebrows. Yoongi thought the way Seokjin had been acting the past minutes was because of the Slytherins. However, Seokjin walks past them, keeping his shoulders high as if he’s not acknowledging them.

It hits Yoongi then. It’s him. Seokjin does this because he thinks Yoongi is embarrassed.
Something green and red floats in the air close by the door. Yoongi hadn’t noticed it when they had entered an hour earlier but he does now. Something hot, possessive surges in his chest. Yoongi fits his fingers around Seokjin’s clothed wrist, spins him around. He tightens the grip around Seokjin’s wrist, stretches his body and grabs Seokjin’s broad shoulder with his other hand as he kisses him.

Yoongi feels rather than hears the gasp of surprise that comes from Seokjin. Luckily enough, Seokjin kisses back, his hands settling on Yoongi’s hips as they always do, heavy, warm, familiar. The kiss is short, yet deep, and when they pull away, Seokjin is looking at him, beaming. Seokjin’s hands finds Yoongi’s out of habit and he leads them both out while Yoongi fights the urge to stick his tongue out at the Seventh years.

Outside it’s still snowing. It has become darker and the snow is falling denser. Yoongi feels his tummy growl. It’s been a while since breakfast and he feels ready for more food soon. A soft smile curls on Yoongi’s lips as he realizes if he’s hungry, then Seokjin is probably starving.

“I’m sorry for acting so weird in there,” Seokjin apologizes, always the first one to bring up issues and problem that may occur. Yoongi shakes his head, making big flakes of snow fall from his bangs and onto his bare cheek.

“Why did you?” Yoongi asks, frowning slightly. The same shadow falls over Seokjin’s face and it makes something heavy, uncomfortable curl in Yoongi’s chest. To comfort he squeezes Seokjin’s hand, running his thumb over the back of his hand.

“I just… I’m worried you’ll be embarrassed.”

“Of what?”

“Of me.”

Yoongi promptly stops, makes Seokjin stop too. Snow falls down around them as Yoongi struggles to put words to his feelings. Seokjin isn’t a shy guy, has never been reserved or had low self-esteem for as long as Yoongi has known him, so this is completely new to him. Yoongi can’t come up with a reason to why he would be embarrassed of Seokjin.

“You seemed annoyed when you noticed those Seventh years and I figured it was because of me. Because you’re embarrassed of me,” Seokjin elaborates softly. Everything clicks.

“Did you not see the way they were eyefucking you?” Yoongi asks in disbelief, gaping at Seokjin. Seokjin’s eyes widen in surprise. Yoongi’s frown deepens.

“What?” Seokjin whispers.

“I’m not repeating it again, but that’s why I was acting weird. You’re my boyfriend no one else is allowed to eyefuck you but me,” says Yoongi gloomily, pulling Seokjin with him. Seokjin laughs loudly, a sound that goes straight to Yoongi’s heart, settles warm under his ribcage. Yoongi grumbles at the disadvantages of having a hot boyfriend.

The walk back to the castle goes faster than the trip to Hogsmeade had done. They’re both cold and drowned in snow by the time they step back into the castle, its warmth greeting them like an old friend. The castle is emptier than usual, mostly because the semester ended the day before and that the remaining students were still in Hogsmeade. Most of the seventh years stayed behind to prepare for their N.E.W.T.s, but they were usually nowhere to be seen save for during the meals when they would come crawling into the Great Hall, looking like ghosts.

“I guess we should change,” Seokjin says. Yoongi hums, more than ready to get out of his heavy winter coat. The common rooms of the Houses they belong to are both located under the castle, so they continue to stroll hand in hand as they walk down one of the smaller staircases leading underground. When they reach the kitchen, they pause.

It’s Seokjin who takes the first step, crowds Yoongi against the wall, exploiting his height to cage Yoongi in between his arms. Seokjin’s lips are soft against Yoongi’s, his hands warm against Yoongi’s cheeks as Seokjin cups his face. It’s Yoongi who deepens the kiss, tugs at Seokjin’s bottom lip with his teeth, making him gasp. It’s a sweet, airy sound that goes straight to Yoongi’s head. The way Seokjin kisses him has become habit by now, familiar but not any less exciting. Yoongi lives for Seokjin’s kisses, lives for the way Seokjin tends to hold him as if he’s made out of the finest porcelain. Even though both of them know that Yoongi is much sturdier than what he looks like. Secretly, Yoongi loves it.

When Seokjin pulls away, Yoongi chases Seokjin’s lips with his own, nipping, sucking at Seokjin’s lips until a sweet moan spills from Seokjin’s mouth. Yoongi grins when they pull away, thoroughly enjoying how wrecked Seokjin looks just from kissing him; lips swollen, a soft pink settled in his cheeks. It’s easier, natural to want more but Yoongi lets it go. For now.

“See you at dinner,” Yoongi says casually, as if his hands weren’t still fisted in Seokjin’s jacket, as if his eyes weren’t still on Seokjin’s lips. Yoongi sees a brief curl of lips before he’s back against the wall, with Seokjin kissing him again in a way that makes Yoongi’s head spin. It lasts shorter than the first kiss. Seokjin pulls back before Yoongi manages to react properly.

“At dinner,” Seokjin confirms breathily, trailing his thumb over Yoongi’s bottom lip before he waves at Yoongi and heads for the Hufflepuff common room. Yoongi remains for a minute or two to calm down his rapidly beating heart before he heads for Slytherin’s common room.

He hopes that the silly grin he’s sporting is gone by the time he gets there.

This is me still trying to figure out how to write these two, I guess.
Tags: au: established relationship, au: hp, genre: romance, genre: slice of life, group: bts, pairing: yoongi/seokjin, rating: pg-13, w: mpreg
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