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[october] shiritori ficlet dump

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Title: Golden Skies. [AU]
Pairing: Taekwoon/Hakyeon.
Rating: PG.
Word count: 581w.

The Academy is the last thing on Hakyeon's mind this bright summer day. It's summer break and there's still weeks until he's going back to school The sun warms his bare skin, his back protected from the scalding sand by a towel placed under his body. Hakyeon stretches, lets his fingers and toes curl into the sand. The feeling is pleasing. He grabs a fistful of sand, letting it trickle out through his fingers.

A drowsiness has settled in his bones, the lids of his eyes heavy with sleep. It would be so easy to fall into a soft slumber. Hakyeon sighs in delight when his spine gives a satisfying pop, his eyes fluttering shut behind the pair of sunglasses perched on his nose.

Hakyeon frowns, squints as a shadow falls over him, effectively hindering the warm blanked of the sunlight from wrapping him in.

In front of him stands a very wet Taekwoon, his black hair dripping. Droplets of water trails down his broad chest, makes small trails on his skin as it continues downwards over his softly toned tummy before disappearing down the waistband of his red swimming trunks. They're Hakyeon's and clings a bit to his thick thighs and waist.

Hakyeon blames the dryness of his mouth on the harsh rays of the sun.

Taekwoon continues to loom over him.

"You're blocking the sun," Hakyeon complains, swatting at Taekwoon's ankles with his own legs. Taekwoon's skin is ice cold, Hakyeon shudders as their skin brushes. It feels like his skin is going to freeze.

He remains silent, but takes a step to the side, letting the sun fall over Hakyeon's body once more. A small sigh escapes Hakyeon's lips, he wiggles against the towel in contentment.

"Thank you, Taekwoonie," Hakyeon says, smiling at Taekwoon who stands next to Hakyeon's towel. Taekwoon's lips curl upwards in a small smile.

Hakyeon doesn't manage to react when Taekwoon bends his knees, falls onto the beach towel along with Hakyeon. Taekwoon covers Hakyeon's side with his body easily, all cold, wet skin. Hakyeon gives a small shriek, trying to push Taekwoon away but fails spectacularly.

Laughing softly, Taekwoon nuzzles against Hakyeon's warm skin, his touches leaving wet patches all over Hakyeon's skin. Hakyeon's skin all gooseflesh, whimpering in protest as Taekwoon wraps his arm around Hakyeon's waist, pressing his lips against Hakyeon's collarbone.

"Your touches feel like ice," Hakyeon says sourly, slapping Taewoon's upper arm half-heartedly.

"It's a good thing you're warm enough for us both then," Taekwoon murmurs, making a soft noise as he stills, seemingly found a position that's comfortable to him.

Hakyeon gives up, tries to will his body to re-heat quicker, hoping that the sun will stay high on the sky for longer so he doesn't have to freeze to death.

"Where are the rest?" Hakyeon asks instead, turning a bit towards Taekwoon to be able to face him fully. Taekwoon makes a small sound of protest as his head falls from Hakyeon's shoulder, but becomes quiet when Hakyeon kisses him.

"The kids are still playing in the water," Taekwoon says eventually when they pull away. Hakyeon's chest flutters when Taekwoon smiles at him; warm, lazy.

Jaehwan, Wonshik, Hongbin and Sanghyuk aren't kids; they're closer to Hakyeon and Taekwoon's ages, but Taekwoon feels responsibility for them, what with the two of them being older and everything.

Hongbin shrieks in terror, Sanghyuk laughs in delight, when Hakyeon tunes them out, letting Taekwoon kiss the air out of his lungs.

Title: I'll Go For You. [AU]
Pairing: Taekwoon/Hakyeon.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: 1011w.
CR: Title from The Academy Is...'s song After the Last Midtown Show

Something cold presses against Taekwoon’s shin, making him yelp, pulling him out of his slumber. A soft yelp escapes his lips, eyes opening slightly as Taekwoon squints at his surroundings. The bedroom looks just like it did when he went to bed last night; walls forest green, white curtains moving slowly in time with the soft spring breeze coming through the slightly open window. It’s a little bit too cold to be sleeping with open windows yet, his mother had chided, but Taekwoon sleeps the best when his bedroom is cold.

A chill runs up his spine, making him curl in on himself, as two cold hands slide up under his cotton t-shirt, coming to rest just over his breastbone. Taekwoon frowns, shudders again. He pulls down the thick comforter to reveal a mop of messy, black hair.

His face softens immediately, his hand releasing the comforter to run through the hair, which he finds moist, smelling like cherries.

“Hakyeon,” Taekwoon says quietly, moving his hand down the back of Hakyeon’s head. The stands of his hair are soft, poking up between the gaps of Taekwoon’s fingers. It’s a nice feeling, Taekwoon thinks. He loves to spend hours combing through Hakyeon’s hair, lulling them both to sleep.

Instead of answering him, Hakyeon just presses closer to Taekwoon; the ice cold tip of his nose finds the crook of Taekwoon’s neck. Taekwoon gasps at the cold but doesn’t make any effort to try to move Hakyeon away. Taekwoon’s gaze flutters from Hakyeon’s hair to the digital clock residing on the nightstand.

6:37 am.

Hakyeon probably finished his night shift at the hospital and came straight to Taekwoon’s instead of going home. Taekwoon wonders how he got into Taekwoon’s apartment. There are only two keys to the front door, one belonging to Taekwoon and one belonging to Taekwoon’s roommate, Sanghyuk.

“How did you get in?” Taekwoon half asks half wonders aloud.

“Sanghyuk let me in,” Hakyeon murmurs against the side of Taekwoon’s neck. “I bribed him with chicken and a pack of cigarettes.”

It’s no secret that Sanghyuk thinks Hakyeon spends way too much time in their apartment. Taekwoon knows that Sanghyuk would dislike it less if Hakyeon hadn’t treated him like Sanghyuk was five years old and Hakyeon was his father. Despite not knowing Sanghyuk for that long, Hakyeon had taken an instant liking to him, clinging to him, hugging him and giving him kisses.

However, the times Hakyeon brings food or makes food, Sanghyuk loves him. In fact, Taekwoon doesn’t think he has seen Sanghyuk make himself proper food more than a couple of times during these nine months they’ve been roommates. Mostly it’s Taekwoon cooking for him, or making too much for his own dinner, filling a Tupperware box with the leftovers, leaving a subtle post-it note on the fridge door for Sanghyuk.

“You shouldn’t bribe him,” Taekwoon says, frowning even though Hakyeon can’t see him.

“Whatever he loves me,” Hakyeon replies. Taekwoon can almost hear him roll his eyes. “Now stop talking about Sanghyuk and cuddle me back.”

Taekwoon doesn’t even try to fight the smile that plays out on his lips. Before he settles down again, he pulls down the comforter further.

“Don’t. It’s cold,” Hakyeon complains, curling closer to Taekwoon.

“I want to see you,” Taekwoon murmurs softly, the tips of his ears red because he’s not this cheesy ever. But seeing Hakyeon like this, having him curled up against his own body, does something to Taekwoon.

Hakyeon remains silent for a while.

“Who are you, and what did you do to my Taekwoon?” he asks, clearly amused even though his voice is sluggish, slow.

In lieu of coming up with something to say, Taekwoon’s hands curls under Hakyeon’s chin, gently pulling him away from his neck until he’s able to see his face.

Hakyeon looks tired, eyelids heavy, dark bags under his eyes. Taekwoon runs his thumb over Hakyeon’s cheekbone; watches enamored how Hakyeon’s eyelashes flutters in response. Something hot, heavy surges in Taekwoon’s chest, warmth spreading out to the tips of his fingers, toes.

Taekwoon is cupping Hakyeon’s face in his large palms as they kiss. Hakyeon tastes like peppermint, like Taekwoon’s toothpaste.

Even as their lips brush, Taekwoon cannot not touch Hakyeon; lets his thumbs trace over the bridge of Hakyeon’s nose, trail over his eyelids, rub soothing circles over Hakyeon’s temples.

Hakyeon kisses back easily, his arms coming up to wrap around Taekwoon’s chest, bringing their bodies closer, aligned. Hakyeon’s body is getting warmer; the touch of his hands, legs against Taekwoon doesn’t feel as cold and unpleasant as it did earlier.

They’re both breathing shallowly when they pull away. Hakyeon’s eyes remain closed, and so Taekwoon leans forward, gently brushing his lips over each eyelid, feeling them flutter as he does.

Hakyeon’s bangs are soft, too, Taekwoon notices when he pulls Hakyeon’s bangs back to reveal his forehead. A soft sound of protest comes from Hakyeon, but he doesn’t make to stop Taekwoon. Gently, Taekwoon kisses Hakyeon’s forehead, feeling the warmth from Hakyeon’s body as he does.

Then, softly, quietly. “I love you, Hakyeon.”

Another soft gasp comes from Hakyeon. A hand fists in Taekwoon’s shirt, pushing him away before bringing him close again. Hakyeon kisses him feverishly, too intense for the moon and the moment, but Taekwoon lets him.

Taekwoon loses himself in the warmth, comfort, love of Hakyeon’s kiss, lets Hakyeon claim the air in his lungs, lets him kiss bruising kisses against his lips.

When Hakyeon pulls away, there are tears in his eyes, making them look bright, star-kissed.

“You,” Hakyeon says, voice half a laugh, half a sob. Taekwoon briefly wonders if he said something wrong when the most beautiful smile takes place on Hakyeon’s face. “You’re so silly, my Taekwoon.”

He opens his mouth to speak, but Hakyeon is there again, kissing him. It’s calmer, sweeter this time around. Just a brush of lips than anything else. Fingers trail over bare skin, hands cupping thighs, caressing, loving for an hour, an eternity.

"I love you too," brushes against his lips like a whisper.

Taekwoon doesn’t remember falling asleep.

Title: Together, Morning Baby. [AU]
Pairing: Minseok/Junmyeon.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: 549w.
CR: Title from 20 by Seventeen.

"Today is a muggy kind of day," Junmyeon muses, pulling the fluffy blanket tighter around his tiny frame.

It's late October, a Sunday. Orange leaves fall from the trees outside on the small patch of grass they call their garden. There are already two heaps of fallen leaves, swept neatly to one of the corners of their tiny wooden fence. Junmyeon thinks they might have to do one more sweep later this week.

The floor is cold under his sock clad feet. Junmyeon is contemplating digging out the pair of wool socks Kyungsoo knitted for him last Christmas when his boyfriend walks into the room, arguing with a noisy wind jacket that's stuck over his head.

"I hate this stupid shit," his boyfriend's voice says from inside of the wind jacket. It sounds muffled so Junmyeon wonders if he has his mouth full of fabric.

"Hold on, I think the zipper is stuck," Junmyeon laughs, shuffling quickly across the floor as he speaks. A little piece of fabric is stuck in the zipper. Carefully tugging at the fabric while pulling the zipper the opposite way, Junmyeon manages to pull the fabric free without damaging it. He tugs the jacket further down to reveal the black, messy hair and the kind brown eyes of his boyfriend.

"Thanks babe," Minseok says, kissing Junmyeon quickly in thanks.

"Where are you going?" Junmyeon asks after taking in Minseok's attire: black running tights, bright purple running shoes, gray hoodie and wind jacket combo.

"Out for a run," Minseok replies, tugging at the zipper until it's nestled under his chin. He walks past Junmyeon muttering something about gloves and a beanie.

"In this weather?" Junmyeon calls after him, waiting a heartbeat before following Minseok to their hallway, where Minseok is looking through the white chest of drawers where they keep all their outerwear accessories.

Minseok nods, eyebrows furrowed as he rummages through the first drawer, pulling out flip-flops and sunglasses.

"It's in the third drawer, honey," Junmyeon informs him softly, "The first one is the spring and summer drawer."

Minseok beams at him, opening the third drawer where he finds his blue gloves and the beanie - purple - that Kyungsoo knitted for him.

"Sure you don't want to come?" Minseok asks cheekily, giving Junmyeon a once-over, then crowding close to him, entwining their fingers. The polyester-acryl mix is rough against Junmyeon's dry hands, but he still lets Minseok pull him close. Minseok's breath is warm against Junmyeon's lips, smelling like the coffee he drank earlier.

He tastes like coffee too; bitter, but with a subtle hint of sweetness as he kisses Junmyeon. Minseok's kisses is as gentle, warm as he is. Junmyeon's heart flutters.

"Let's shower together when I get back," Minseok suggests, pulls away from Junmyeon to reveal a gummy smile.

"That'd be nice."

Minseok's eyes crinkle, Junmyeon finds himself falling even further in love with him. Even after five years, he still finds himself falling deeper into the embrace that is Minseok's love.

They part with another kiss, brief, sweet. Minseok's thumb runs over the silver band wrapped around Junmyeon's right ring finger, an identical twin to the one around Minseok's.

Junmyeon retreats to the window, watching Minseok run over their lawn, the hood of his wind jacket dancing in the wind.

Title: Out of the Darkness. [AU]
Characters: Taekwoon, Sanghyuk.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: 345w.
CR: Title from The Dream Must Stay Alive from The Tribe OST.

The storage is cold, silent apart from the sound of drops of water hitting the concrete floor. Taekwoon can't see much more than what's directly in front of him, as the only source of light comes from the sun sneaking through the cracks of the aluminium walls. It smells like mold; wet and raw, like it has been abandoned for quite some time. That's probably the truth also.

Taekwoon jumps at the sound of footsteps; heavy soles making deep thuds ring off the aluminium walls. While his heart beats so hard in his chest Taekwoon swears someone must be able to hear it, he holds Sanghyuk tight against his own body, one hand in front of the boy's mouth, silencing the loud sound of him breathing.

A sharp shock of pain runs up his spine when he sinks his own teeth into his bottom lip to keep himself from making noises, breathing quietly through his nose instead. The bitter flavor of iron; blood fills his mouth, spreading out over his tongue.

The footsteps come closer, creeping upon them with every thud of the rubber soles.

In his arms, Sanghyuk turns, buries his face in Taekwoon's shirt, his small hands clutching at the fabric. It doesn't take long before he figures that Sanghyuk is crying. His shirt turn damp just above his navel, where Sanghyuk's face it.

Soothing someone when you're seconds away from collapsing in fear yourself isn't an easy task, but Taekwoon manages to keep the trembling of his body to a minimum to run his fingers through Sanghyuk's short hair in what he hopes is calming the younger boy.

When the person and their noisy shoes walk past them, just a couple of meters next to them, Taekwoon holds his breath, forcing his eyes shut. Blood is pounding in his ears, pumping through his veins at what, to Taekwoon, feels like the speed of sound.

When the sound of the steps grow weaker, followed by an opening and a close of one of the huge metal doors, Taekwoon knows they're safe, for now.

Title: No Worries [AU]
Pairing: Junmyeon/Kyungsoo.
Rating: G/PG.
Word count: 889w.
CR: Title from Hakuna Matata from The Lion King OST.

I’ll try to remember that Junmyeon reads, balancing his phone on his knees, trying to read the continuation of Chanyeol’s text as well as rock his son to sleep. Sehun is still small enough to be held with one hand for a couple of moments, as long as Junmyeon is sitting and able to hold him to his chest. He has almost reached the bottom of the text when a well-aimed kick from Sehun disturbs the balance of the force and topples the phone over, sends it flying over the wooden floor.

Junmyeon winces, hopes that this isn’t broken iPhone number 6 so far this year. It’s not like he cannot afford to buy a new one, so that’s not really an issue. The biggest problem is the punch of guilt he feels curling in his stomach when his husband looks at him, his eyebrows almost falling into his eyes.

As long as they’ve been dating, married, Kyungsoo has always said that Junmyeon has an unhealthy relationship with money. As their backgrounds are different: Junmyeon comes from money and Kyungsoo comes from a working class family – their views on how to use money and distribute money throughout a month are totally different.

Junmyeon can hear his voice in his head: ”Just because we have money doesn’t mean that we have to spend it all. Think of Sehun’s future!”. When Junmyeon had countered, telling Kyungsoo that money would never be a problem for Sehun or them, he had gotten a spatula thrown after him.

”It’s a matter of principles, Kim Junmyeon,”.

Sehun makes small noises of protest, wiggling in Junmyeon’s arms. It’s almost as if he’s insisting on not sleeping. He’s flailing his tiny arms, chubby fists hitting Junmyeon’s chest softly. Spit dribbles from Sehun’s mouth, soaks into Junmyeon’s shirt.

“Come on Sehunnie, it’s naptime,” Junmyeon coos, patting Sehun’s padded bottom with his palm, his other hand running through Sehun’s thin layer of hair.

“But I don’t want to sleep dad,” a voice says from behind them. Seconds later the sofa dips and something, someone warm is pressed into Junmyeon’s side, smelling like the cold outside, like fried street food and cigarettes.

“Hi babe,” Junmyeon greets, turning his head to look at Kyungsoo whose face is pressed into Junmyeon’s shoulder. Only his forehead and messy, black hair is visible to his eyes. Kyungsoo groans in answer, one cold-looking hand comes up to pet at Sehun’s back, mostly petting Junmyeon’s arm that’s holding their son in place.

“I’m exhausted,” Kyungsoo says into Junmyeon’s cotton shirt, lips catching on fabric as he speaks. Supporting Sehun with one hand, Junmyeon lifts his hand, runs it gently through Kyungsoo’s hair. It tangles between his fingers briefly, but Junmyeon manages to untangle the black stands, nails scraping carefully over the short hair at the nape of Kyungsoo’s neck.

Warm air seeps through Junmyeon’s shirt, followed by a soft groan coming from Kyungsoo. With both of his boys’ faces pressed against him, Junmyeon feels a warmth blossom in his chest, heart thrumming against his ribcage.

After a while, Kyungsoo pulls back slightly, adjusting his position, hooking his chin over Junmyeon’s shoulder. There’s a soft, pink color flushed over his cheeks, the bridge of his nose. Kyungsoo’s wide eyes are shiny with exhaustion.

It’s so easy, too easy, to let himself fall, let himself go.

Junmyeon leans forward, angle awkward as he kisses Kyungsoo softly. His lips are plush, soft against Junmyeon’s own, and he finds himself falling forward once more to kiss him, a bit deeper, longer this time around.

Kyungsoo’s cheeks are cold, dry as Junmyeon nuzzles his nose against one of them, moving to press his cheek against Kyungsoo’s briefly before pulling back, but not until he’s managed to fish another kiss from Kyungsoo’s lips.

Wordlessly, Junmyeon hands Sehun who’s almost, almost asleep at this point, to Kyungsoo who looks puzzled back at him.

“I’m just going to make you some coffee,” Junmyeon explains, petting Kyungsoo’s cheek gently before he heads towards the kitchen. He had just brewed some coffee before he had fed Sehun.

The blue metal thermos on the counter is still warm, thankfully. Junmyeon fishes Kyungsoo’s favorite cup out of the cupboard. It’s shaped as Iron Man’s head; a gift from Junmyeon that he bought when they were visiting London years and years ago.

The home-brewed coffee isn’t the best, Junmyeon knows, but he also knows that Kyungsoo won’t mind. He never really does. He fills the cup to the brim with the hot liquid, making sure that the thermos lid is screwed tightly on before he heads back to the living room.

In Junmyeon’s absence, Kyungsoo has taken the chance to lie down on the tiny sofa, head propped up on the armrest, Sehun placed safely on his chest, Kyungsoo holding him safely in place; one hand under his butt and one resting gently on top of his back.

They’re both asleep.

Smiling softly, his heart cartwheeling in his chest, Junmyeon places the Iron Man cup gently on the coffee table. He retrieves his phone from the floor, silently happy the screen is intact, the phone itself working fine.

Junmyeon snaps a picture of Kyungsoo and Sehun and sends it to everyone on his friend list on Snapchat.

It ends up being the background picture on his phone as well.
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