softboys (softboys) wrote,

'till we see the sun [1/2]

Title: ‘Till We See the Sun
Pairing: Minseok/Hakyeon/Taekwoon, Junmyeon/Kyungsoo, friends with benefits Minseok/Yixing, one-sided Kyungsoo/Chanyeol, brief Chanyeol/Jongdae.
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 15k.
Warnings: Supernatural AU. Barebacking, rimming, facesitting, slight breathplay, slight bloodplay, biting.
Summary: Yixing claims that Minseok just needs to get laid, and while Minseok agrees, he had never thought that it would happen like this.
Notes: Written for seokmonsters's 2015 round. the title comes frome One Direction's song, live while we're young. Thanks to the sweet people on my tlist for helping me whenever I've been stuck, ilu<3

The first thing Minseok realizes is that he cannot see. His vision is black and it feels like there's something soft covering his eyes.

There's something, someone heavy on top of him, warm to the touch.

Minseok is trapped. There are hands on his chest - warm, unnaturally so - holding him down. There's softness behind his back; a mattress maybe. He's unable to move his hands; they're over his head, locked into something that makes a metallic noise as he tries to wiggle himself loose. His legs are also locked, chained.

He's naked.

"Open your mouth," a soft voice whispers, lips brushing against the shell of his ear. Minseok does, albeit rather hesitant. A thumb traces his bottom lip, slipping past his lips to coax his mouth further open. The thumb is replaced by two fingers slipping into Minseok's mouth, salty, heavy on his tongue.

"Suck," the voice says, commands. A thrill runs up Minseok's spine as he does, curls his tongue around the digits, coating them with saliva. A moan slips through his lips, echoes in the room as a tongue licks up Minseok's neck, pauses to kiss, suck at his pulse point.

Teeth. There are teeth nipping at his skin. Minseok's brain is screaming. Minseok's body betrays him, cock hard, trapped between their bodies.

It feels like Minseok's skin is on fire, burning.

Rough fingers slip between his legs, completely ignoring his aching cock, traveling further south. Minseok bucks up against the other man, his hot body, as the fingers find his entrance, trailing slowly around the ring of muscle.

Minseok moans at the loss when the fingers pull out of his mouth to trace down his cheek, neck, leaving wet paths of spit on his skin in their wake. They reappear between his legs, tracing his rim.

Then nothing.

Despite himself, Minseok whines, bucks up towards him, grinds.

"Please," Minseok groans, his legs feeling like jelly, and yet his intestines feel like they're on fire. Lust is running through his veins, coiling in his blood. He's so sensitive, everywhere their skin meet, it feels like they're melting together.

"How much do you want it?" the voice asks, and Minseok can feel him smile against his cheek.

Minseok isn't sure how to answer, his brain feels like it's boiling, every touch is too much for his sensitive body. In lieu of answering, he moans, rolls their hips together, keens. The man chuckles softly.

"Tell me, or I'll leave you like this," he says silkily, his dry hand resting just above the head of Minseok's cock. He's fully hard now, his cock hard, red. Precome trickling onto his tummy.

"It'd be a shame though. I really wanted to fuck you."

His voice does weird things to Minseok's insides, has him curling in on himself - as much as he can with his hands and feet tied - has him keening. The shackles keeping him to the bed makes high noises that echoes off the wall when he tries to bring his knees to his chest.

"I-I don't know," Minseok manages to stutter out, tongue thick and heavy in his dry mouth. There's another soft chuckle coming from the man above him, making the fine hairs on Minseok's neck stand on edge.

"Beg," The man says, back to nipping at Minseok's pulse point. His teeth are sharp, almost unnaturally so against Minseok's sweaty skin. "You're so pretty. I bet you're good at begging."

Minseok's own moan - loud, guttural - wakes him up. His mind is fuzzy, limbs heavy and tangled in his blanket. The sheets covering his mattress are sticking to his back, his arms, due to the sheen of sweat on his body.

With the grace of a newborn deer, Minseok fights the blankets off his body; letting out a relieved sigh when he lies back onto the bed, letting the coolness of the room cool down his body, soothe the burn in his veins.

It's only then, when he lets the quietness of the room embrace him, that Minseok realizes the arousal coiling low, heavy in his tummy. His body is throbbing with it, his mind spinning. He feels it too, then.

His cock is tenting in his briefs, pushing against the soft cotton - the only piece of clothing Minseok sleeps in - precome staining the fabric. In addition, Minseok is too tired for this, body worn, mind exhausted after that dream, but he doesn't see himself being able to sleep unless he does something with the raging hard-on in his pants.

Like a teenager, a fucking sixteen year old, Minseok slips his hand into his underwear, hissing through clenched teeth when his fingers curl around his sensitive cock. It's borderline painful, just touching himself seems too much. Minseok doesn’t start off slow. The pace he settles is rough, fast, fist tight as he works it over his cock.

Minseok curses when he comes, barely a minute later, into his own fist. His mind produces mental images, feelings, of the man from his dreams holding him down, whispering soft praises in his ear as he gets himself off.

"You look so pretty when you come."

"Rough night?"

Minseok drags his gaze away from his coffee mug that he's holding onto as if it was his lifeline, to discover his roommate rounding the corner from his room to their joint kitchen. He looks clean, fresh from the shower. His blond hair still wet; droplets of water dripping from the tips of his hair dripping onto his soft-looking, gray t-shirt. The hem of his shirt is tucked meticulously into the waistband of his jeans, but as he turns his back to Minseok, he notices that Junmyeon forgot to tuck the back properly in. It looks like he has a tail.

Minseok bites the soft inside of his cheek, smiling into the brim of the cup as he takes a sip of his coffee. It's still too hot, bitter on his tongue.

He follows Junmyeon with his gaze as he walks over to the fridge, bare feet making soft shuffling noises against the wooden floor. Minseok isn't surprised when he pulls a bowl of sugar out of the pantry, adding two spoons of the sweetness to his coffee. Out of the fridge, he pulls a carton of crème, adding a generous amount of it to his coffee as well.

Minseok shudders at the thought of the sweetness of Junmyeon's coffee. He has never been able to stomach sweet coffee based drinks, prefers his coffee black, plain. On some days, he might add some low-fat milk to it, but more often than not, he opted for black.

Junmyeon is the opposite of Minseok; his coffee has to be sweet, almost nauseatingly so, before he is able to take a sip of it. Then again, Junmyeon has a sweet tooth, loves everything sweet and sugary, and is especially fond of pastries and cakes.

"Rough night?" Junmyeon repeats as he drags a stool across the floor, wincing as it scrapes against the smooth floor. He sits down on the other side of the kitchen island slash table, taking a sip of his coffee as he looks expectantly at Minseok over the brim.

"I guess," Minseok murmurs, shrugs as he traces the rim of his own cup. Junmyeon smiles, one of those soft, kind smiles that says I understand what you're going through, hyung and I’m here if you need me, you know.

"Well your coffee is black, so I assume you need a lot of caffeine," Junmyeon says further, his cup making a sharp noise as he puts it down on the table. Minseok fumbles in one of the drawers, successfully managing to produce a coaster from it, silently leaning over the island to place it under Junmyeon's cup.

The beaming smile Junmyeon directs at him burns a little. It's still too early for sunshine.

Junmyeon's small hands fumble with their cookie jar, pulling the lid off to check if there are any cookies left. Minseok knows there is. Junmyeon's boyfriend is visiting, which means that there are sweet, sugary treats everywhere. This week there are chocolate chip cookies in Minseok's Batman cookie jar.

"He always drinks his coffee black, though."

Speaking of the devil.

Junmyeon's boyfriend, a tiny man named Kyungsoo, rounds the corner. He has a towel slung over his shoulders, over a long-sleeved college sweater, but isn't wearing any pants as he tends not to do. He greets Junmyeon with a kiss that looks soft, chaste, before he, too, heads for the coffee machine.

Kyungsoo only adds a bit of milk to his coffee before he sits down on the stool next to Junmyeon. He gives Minseok an once-over before he frowns, swallowing a mouthful of coffee before he speaks.

"Hyung, you look terrible," he says in that low, mellow voice of his. Junmyeon lets out a nervous chuckle, his right hand settles on Kyungsoo's shoulder, as if he's holding him back.

"Thank you, Kyungsoo," Minseok mutters. Junmyeon smiles nervously. "Always the one with the right words."

Despite his harsh words and tactlessness, Minseok likes Kyungsoo. More often than not, he prefers Kyungsoo to Junmyeon. While Junmyeon looks and acts like he has escaped from a romance manhwa, he is incredibly messy, absentminded, ditzy and frankly quite a slob. The only times Junmyeon's room is neat, clean, is when Kyungsoo stays over.

Kyungsoo is the opposite of Junmyeon in so many ways. He's clean and quiet which are two of the reasons Minseok prefers him to Junmyeon, but he's also snarky, honest and sometimes he comes off as mean. Kyungsoo can have all the bad personality traits for all Minseok cares, as long as he's neat and clean.

"The circles under your eyes are no joke," Kyungsoo continues, looking curiously at Minseok over the brim of his cup. There's no maliciousness in his voice, gaze, just mere curiosity, his eyes thoughtful.

"What are you guys up so early for anyways," Minseok says loudly, placing his cup a little bit harder on the tiled surface of the island top than necessary. Junmyeon's eyes widen, Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow.

It's a stupid question because Kyungsoo is the textbook example of an early riser. Getting up at 7:00 am every day like he's being paid for it. Even on off days or days where he's nursing a bit of a hangover, Kyungsoo will get up the very second his alarm clock beeps.

Junmyeon is more of a wannabe early riser. He will get up at 7 am without arguing when Kyungsoo is around, but when he's not; Minseok often has to make use of buckets with ice-cold water to get him out of bed.

Sometimes it feels like Minseok is raising Junmyeon. He wonders if he should start nagging about grandkids soon.

"Are you drunk?" Kyungsoo asks, squinting at him.

"Kyungsoo-" Junmyeon begins, sends a sheepish smile in Minseok's direction before he abruptly turns to Kyungsoo, frowning and shaking his head rather violently.

"No but I wish I was," Minseok mutters darkly. His head throbs. He feels exhausted, as if he's spent, his body a string that's strung too tight.

"Well that's a wish that can be easily fulfilled," Kyungsoo says. Junmyeon looks like he's going to burst into tears of frustration in any second now. Minseok knows that Junmyeon thinks Kyungsoo is too direct with his words, not considering other people’s feelings. Minseok is a year older than Junmyeon, three years older than Kyungsoo, and yet Kyungsoo doesn't really treat him like such. Minseok doesn't mind, Junmyeon does.

"Wanna hit the pubs tonight?" Minseok asks, half a joke. He has been going out with Junmyeon and Kyungsoo on several occasions. More often than not, he tends to become the third wheel because when drunk, Junmyeon and Kyungsoo turn into two sixteen year olds who probably would fuck on that dance floor unless Minseok tows them back home.

The only thing on Junmyeon's otherwise bleach-clean permanent record is a ticket he got for "indecent public behavior".

The way Junmyeon's face falls tells Minseok that, no, they do not want to hit the pubs with him.

"We're going to Yifan's gallery opening tonight," Junmyeon elaborates further. Next to him, Kyungsoo looks like a stormy cloud.

"Doing it to get ass?" Minseok asks, eyes on Kyungsoo as he speaks. Junmyeon falls quiet.

"You know it," Kyungsoo replies at once.

"We're doing it to support Yifan and his paintings," Junmyeon says feebly, eyes fixed on Kyungsoo. Junmyeon pouts when their eyes meet, and they engage in a silent conversation that Minseok is happy he's not a part of.

Maybe Kyungsoo is right though. It's a quite simple solution to Minseok's problems. This is not the first night he has woken up, hard from his dreams. He's got to take the steam off soon. While Minseok isn't looking for the complexity that comes with a relationship, he does miss having a warm body next to him. Minseok does miss having someone to play games with, someone to talk with and someone to be close with in all possible ways.

"Hyung, your shirt," Kyungsoo says, pulling Minseok out of his thoughts. Sluggishly, Minseok brings the cup to his lips, watching as Kyungsoo tucks Junmyeon's shirt back into his pants.

Minseok briefly mourns Junmyeon's tail.

"I didn't want to go out with you anyway," Minseok grumbles, sticks out his tongue at Junmyeon who looks more than a little upset. Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, hands smoothing down some of the wilder stands of Junmyeon's black hair.

"Some other time, maybe?" Junmyeon says, sounding genuinely sad, eyebrows furrowed. Minseok kind of wants to cuddle him, tuck him into a fluffy blanket and sing him lullabies. Not good. Abort mission.

Minseok gestures wildly with one hand as he answers. "Yeah, whatever. I can ask someone else."


"You need to get laid," is the first thing Yixing says to him when they meet. Minseok promptly chokes on air, lungs temporarily forgetting that air is something he needs to live. A soft laugh spills from Yixing's lips as he leans back against the door, letting Minseok into his apartment.

Yixing's apartment is smaller than Minseok's, a tiny, one-room studio apartment. It's nice, nevertheless, sparsely decorated. Yixing's futon pushed into the bottom left corner of the room, kitchen in the opposite corner. A low coffee table with a laptop on and thick pillows spread around it in the upper right corner, and a piano in the upper left. All the walls are painted cream, save for the one where Yixing has his futon; it's black.

"It'll help me sleep at night!" Yixing had claimed when Minseok had visited him and he had been elbows deep in black paint.

Minseok kicks off his shoes by the door, accepting the fluffy, pink slippers Yixing is handing him, putting them on. Yixing doesn't tell Minseok to settle down, or to feel at home simply because Yixing's home is Minseok's second home. They've known each other for as long as Minseok can remember, and so Minseok never feels like he has to be entertained by Yixing whenever he comes over, and vice versa.

Today, Yixing's flat smells of sandalwood. A quick glance to his bedside table tells Minseok that he has lit incense, as usual. His aircon is turned on max, blasting cool air out in the room. It's one of the more expensive things in Yixing's flat, and also fairly new. Yixing had splurged on it a couple of years ago when the old aircon he had gotten from his landlady had broken. That summer had been one of the hottest in Minseok's life, so living without an aircon hadn't really been an option.

"It smells earthier here," Minseok comments casually as he sits down by Yixing's coffee table, folding his legs under him. The neon yellow pillow shielding his ass from the cold floor.

"Yeah I'm trying out new smells from a different incense brand," Yixing chirps from inside the fridge, hands flailing in Minseok's general direction. Chanyeol sometimes swore Yixing is sniffing his incense, getting high off it. Minseok supposes that to Chanyeol it would explain some of Yixing's personality traits and his more peculiar behavior. However, Yixing has been a ditsy airhead for as long as Minseok has known him.

Not that Minseok has told Chanyeol that instead lets him believe whatever his little heart wants him to believe.

"My aura reader says that earthier smells make me more creative," Yixing supplies when he returns from the fridge, two beers and a bag of salty chips in hand. Minseok doesn't even ask, simply accepts the cool can from Yixing, opens it and chugs down half of its contains in one go.

"Has it helped?" Minseok asks instead, shoving his hand into the bag of chips. Yixing looks thoughtful for a second, eyes twitching.

"I've written one song about the neighbor's cat," he replies, smiling proudly. Before Minseok has managed to let that answer sink in, Yixing scrambles to his knees, barely avoiding shoving his knee into the wooden table.

Minseok's knuckles are white from how hard he's holding onto the table, praying to all deities that it won't fall over.

"Never mind the song about your neighbor's cat, Yixing," Minseok says loudly, Yixing pauses in the middle of the tiny apartment. With the grace of a cat, he turns on his heel, blinking at Minseok.

"Let's just-" Minseok begins, dabbing off when he realizes what he's about to say. Yixing is still standing in the middle of the floor, looking expectantly at him. "Go back to the 'I need to get laid'-part?"

Minseok feels his cheeks heaten up from his words, chiding himself for reacting like this. It would've been an understandable reaction if he had uttered them to his mother, but this is Yixing. Yixing, who has seen Minseok at every angle imaginable, who Minseok has seen in every angle imaginable. They've grown up together, been each other's first everything - literally- so he shouldn't really blush.

Yet he is. Stupid bodily reactions.

A smile, warm and comforting spreads out on Yixing's face and Minseok feels his body calm down. It's familiar, kind, everything Yixing is. His cheek dimples, eyes twinkling ominously.

Before Minseok manages to react, Yixing has crossed the floor - his checkered flannel shirt flowing like a cape behind him- and Minseok finds himself with a lap full of Yixing. Tepid hands cup his face, slender fingers splayed out over his cheeks, dry yet warm lips pressed against his own. Yixing's jean clothed legs are placed on each side of Minseok's thighs, Yixing's butt firmly planted against Minseok's crotch.

Yixing wastes no time, nipping at Minseok's bottom lip to get him to open his mouth. Dumbly, desperate for contact, Minseok caves. Yixing's tongue enters his mouth. The kiss is demanding, heavy, and Minseok lets himself be whisked away for a while before his brain catches up with his crotch.

Minseok manages to wrestle Yixing away by placing his hands on Yixing's hips, gently pushing him away. Yixing's teeth sink into Minseok's bottom lip, dragging it with him as long as he manages to before he has to let go.

"Why did you stop?" Yixing asks, slightly out of breath. Minseok finds himself mesmerized for a quarter of a second, eyes drawn to the pinkness of Yixing's lips, cheeks. The lust lingering in his eyes, the way his brown bangs falls delicately across one eyebrow.

Yixing is terribly attractive, and would probably fuck Minseok into oblivion if asked. They have fucked on numerous occasions but there has never been any real affection between them, other than a friendly love. Minseok wouldn't mind it, but it's not what he wants at the moment.

They've talked this through more than once, so both of them know where the other stands, what the other feels. Yixing doesn't have a crush on Minseok, and Minseok isn't in love with Yixing. They're able to keep their friendship and their close bond despite fucking every occasionally.

Both Minseok and Yixing are single, so that helps too. Minseok has been in relationships before while Yixing doesn't quite believe in monogamy. He has a couple of people he meets on a semi-regular basis, but Minseok has never met any of them. Yixing told him that he'd get to meet them if Yixing ever saw it becoming something serious. Right now he's just "fooling around, hyung.".

"I'm not in the mood for-" Minseok begins, pauses briefly to make sure he words himself right. Yixing looks at him. There isn't much Minseok could say or do to hurt Yixing, but he still doesn't want to say something that could hurt him in the long run.

Yixing's features softens, his cheeks dimples again as he runs his thumbs over Minseok's cheeks. His cold fingers soothes the burn under his skin. Minseok closes his eyes briefly, lets his pulse steady, the scramble of words fall into order.

"You want, but not me, right?" Yixing says after a moment, eyes big with fondness. Minseok isn't worthy. His chest aches, tongue thick in his mouth as he nods. Yixing's fingers fall from his face, settling on Minseok's chest instead. A sly grin falls over Yixing's lip.

Minseok swallows loudly.

"What weird kink are you into now, Minseok hyung?" Yixing asks, grin widening when Minseok doesn't immediately protest.

"It's not exactly a kink-," Minseok says, licking his lips. It's not.

"No?" Yixing prods, squirming purposefully in Minseok's lap, wiggling his eyebrows. Minseok groans in embarrassment while Yixing continues to pry.

"'Xing," Minseok doesn't whine. Yixing laughs as Minseok tries to kick his feet, failing in getting Yixing to get the hell away from his lap.

"Come on, I bet it's not that bad. You've shared so much embarrassing shit with me in the past, Minseok hyung," Yixing says, batting his eyelashes at Minseok.

When Minseok fails to answer, Yixing prods further. "Remember that one time you told me you wanted to bend Junmyeon over a table, just to see how he looked when he was fucked out of his mind.

"I was drunk!" Minseok argues, his complaints falling for deaf ears as Yixing is busy laughing his ass off, howling like a hyena. "Besides, I did get to see how he looked. Only I wasn't the one fucking him."

Minseok's wish had come true. One night Minseok had been out partying with Yixing and some other people, he had returned home to find Junmyeon bent over the kitchen counter, Kyungsoo's face placed snugly between Junmyeon's spread legs.

Minseok had fled that room so fast he deserved an award.

"I had this dream," Minseok admits, later, when Yixing's laugh has died out, and they both are seated by Yixing's low table, their butts balancing on floor pillows. Minseok is looking at his cup of tea when he speaks, while Yixing is busy pouring himself more wine. Their empty cans of bear forgotten on the floor.

When Yixing remains silent, but offers him a glance, Minseok knows he can continue.

"In my dream, there was this person. They- he, I think it was a he, he was just so-"

"Handsome?" Yixing tries, grinning at Minseok. The fine hairs growing on his upper lip are stained red from the wine, making him look like some cradle-robbing creature of the night.

"I don't know," Minseok admits, heat spreading in his cheeks, the tip of his ears. Yixing looks puzzled, but remains quiet. That's one of the things Minseok loves about him; he knows when to comment and knows when to remain silent. "I was blindfolded I think. I couldn't see anything. And I was tied up also; I couldn't move my hands or my feet."

Saying it out loud feels relieving, somehow. A weight falls from Minseok's shoulders. Even though it sounds like he wants to be tied up, wants to be thoroughly used, it feels good to say it out loud. Minseok knows Yixing won't judge him, much. Maybe when he's drunk.

"That's your new kink?" Yixing asks, and yeah, there's a definite teasing in the undertones of his voice, but it's careful, measured. Minseok shakes his his head slightly, biting the inside of his cheek as he thinks up a response.

"It wasn't as much the tied up thing-," Minseok starts carefully, vaguely gesticulating with one hand as he speaks. "- as it was how- how hot he was? How he made me feel?"

Yixing opens his mouth but Minseok snatches the opportunity before any snide remarks are allowed to slip from Yixing's mouth of sin.

"And no you filthy minded child, he barely touched me," Minseok snaps, but there's no malice in his words. Yixing looks interested, now, torso leaning on the wooden table as he's on his knees, trying to get as close to Minseok as possible, despite the table separating them.

"I think it was the way he spoke to me, the way he-" Minseok pauses, throat suddenly dry as his mind keeps conjuring the exact sound of the man's voice. A shudder runs down Minseok's spine, goosebumps appearing on his arms as he remembers how the man's voice had made him feel. It's still vivid in Minseok's mind, arousal churning low, hot in his tummy as he lets the memory of it wash over him.

"The way he?" Yixing fishes, eyes shining over his glass of wine.

"He told me to beg, to show how much i w-wanted it," Minseok finishes, the volume of his voice falling with every word of the sentence. The last couple of words spoken so low Yixing's face was inching closer by the seconds.

"So you want someone to tie you up and make you beg for their dick?" Yixing asks, voice filled with mirth. Minseok swears he's the color of the wine swirling in the glass Yixing is clutching in his hand.

"No- I, I'm not sure," Minseok admits, taking another sip of his bitter, green tea.

"Because, you know, that could be arranged." Yixing is wiggling his eyebrows at him again.

"Fuck you," Minseok groans, grabbing one of the floor pillows to throw at Yixing. His aim is flawless, on point, and hits Yixing straight in the face. Minseok didn't spend his entire childhood playing baseball for nothing. Yixing splutters, knocking over the glass of wine he put down seconds prior, making the remaining wine spill all over the tiny table, dripping onto Yixing's wooden floor.

That's easily forgotten, apparently, because Yixing decides to throw himself at Minseok, armed with a pillow of his own, hammering at Minseok with it, while they both laugh loudly.

A couple of hours later finds Minseok still in Yixing's tiny apartment, legs stretched out under Yixing's table as Yixing is lying on the floor, mindlessly switching between a cooking show and a reality show where two idols are pretending to be dating, while he's on the phone with a fast-food place.

They had both opted out of cooking anything for themselves - it helped that Yixing's fridge was close to empty, and had settled for something cooked by others, faster than they'd manage to go to the store to pick up groceries and make the food themselves.

All the pamphlets that had been stuck to the door of Yixing's fridge was spread all over the floor. They had bickered about which place to order from, until they decided that it should be settled with a good old game of rock, paper, scissors.

Yixing had won and was currently ordering a pizza from what he claimed was the best pizza place on this side of Han River. Minseok didn't share his enthusiasm, but Yixing promised to pay, so in theory he'd eat everything. You're not supposed to turn down free food, his grandmother always told him.

The seemingly eternal drone of Yixing's voice ends and before Minseok knows it, Yixing has found his way to Minseok's side, his body warm against Minseok's.

Not as warm as the man in the dream had been though. Minseok colors.

If Yixing notices, he doesn't say anything, simply remains against Minseok's side, enraptured with the idol dating show on the TV. Minseok digs his phone out of the pocket of his jeans, scrolling down his Facebook feed.

When Yixing's doorbell chimes, he scurries up to get it, while Minseok's tummy growls in response.

A booming, loud voice comes from the hallway the same second Yixing opens the door. Did he really call that place? Minseok wonders, looking over his shoulder towards the hallway. It's at such an angle that Minseok can't see the door, but he can hear Mr. booming voice and Yixing talk.

Shortly after, Yixing emerges with two boxes of pizza; the wonderful scent of tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheese immediately filling the tiny apartment. Hot on Yixing's heels is a tall, lanky young man. Eyes as big as plates, a wide goofy grin on his face. His hair is cut short, black.

"Minseok hyung!" he booms as he sprints across the floor, making the entire building shake in his wake. For the second time that day, Minseok holds onto the table.

"Chanyeol," Minseok wheezes, being squished to death by Chanyeol who has decided to cling onto Minseok like a koala bear, despite being twice Minseok's size. Minseok pats his back, hoping it'll satisfy Chanyeol's intense need for human contact, but alas. If anything, Chanyeol clings even more, his grip in Minseok tightening.

Yixing comes from the kitchen, balancing three plates on top of the two pizza boxes. He coos when he notices them, walks past them, but not before he has paused, ruffling Chanyeol's short, short hair with his one available hand. The plates make some ominous sounds as he does, and Minseok fears this is a tragedy only seconds from happening.

Luckily, Yixing manages to sit down without cracking his flowery plates.

"Yours is a lily!" He tells Minseok excitedly before handling Chanyeol his "Lucky you! You got the daffodil!". Yixing's has a picture of a sunflower.

Meanwhile Yixing distributes the pepperoni and ham pizza, placing three slices on each plate, Minseok turns to Chanyeol.

"Why are you here?" he asks, none too kindly. Yixing hadn't mentioned Chanyeol dropping by; Minseok hadn't expected him at all. It wasn't as if he had anything against the human tower, but if one were to spend time with Chanyeol, one had to be in the mood. Minseok was not.

Chanyeol doesn't seem to mind, however, chewing loudly on his slice of pizza. "My shift at work was done when Yixing hyung called, so I volunteered to take it to him since I was going in the same direction on my way home anyway,"

"You live on the opposite side of Seoul, Chanyeol," Minseok says, squinting at Chanyeol. He grins guiltily around a big bite of pizza.

"Stop being such a nagging grandpa, Minseok hyung," Yixing says, folding his legs underneath him as he sits down on the other side of the table, immediately bringing a huge slice of pizza to his mouth.

"I was lonely," Chanyeol admits, curling further into Minseok's side, nuzzling his grease-stained face into Minseok's neck. Chanyeol reeks of tomato sauce, cheese, garlic and grease. Also that constant wet dog smell that tends to stick to Chanyeol. Minseok wrinkles his nose. "Plus! Yixing hyung said on the phone that you might be going out later!"

"We're going out later?" Minseok asks Yixing, crestfallen. Yixing nods eagerly as he chews a particularly large bite of pizza, his cheeks bulging.

"I thought maybe that'd help you and your teenage libido," Yixing says, a piece of cheese falling out of his mouth and onto the table. Minseok shudders, but Yixing picks it up again, props it into his mouth, smiling slyly at Minseok.

"I wanna come," Chanyeol says into the skin of Minseok’s neck, nibbling at his skin with slick lips, pepperoni-smelling breath. Chanyeol is warm, body sticky with sweat. Minseok feels it where Chanyeol's right hand has slipped under Minseok's t-shirt, his thumb drawing small patterns into Minseok's side.

Minseok hasn't noticed, been too occupied with the pizza, but Chanyeol has managed to wiggle closer to Minseok so he has one leg on each side of Minseok, their legs pressed together, Minseok's back to Chanyeol's scrawny chest. Chanyeol's body is not made for cuddling, all sharp bones and hard angles. It has never seemed to stop Chanyeol. He's probably the clingiest person Minseok has ever known.

"Please let me come with you, Minseok hyung," Chanyeol pleads, placing his chin on Minseok's shoulder. As Minseok turns his head, he meets Chanyeol's infamous puppy eyes, bottom lip stuck out for good measure. "I am lonely and heartbroken. I need to get out more; I need to forget about him."

"Now you're just parroting my words, idiot," Minseok says fondly, his heart giving in. Sometimes, Chanyeol is such a dog. A golden retriever who has forgotten his own size, thinks he's a small Pomeranian who can sit in people's laps, being carried everywhere.

"So that's why you haven't been visiting as much as you use to?" Minseok asks Chanyeol, wiping off some grease from his chin with a napkin.

"Because Kyungsoo is visiting?" Yixing pipes up, dragging his eyes from that piece of ham shaped like an ostrich and up to meet Minseok's and then Chanyeol's gaze.

For almost a year, Chanyeol had been harboring feelings for Kyungsoo. Funnily enough or tragically enough - depending on whom you're asking - Junmyeon and Kyungsoo met through Chanyeol. Minseok doesn't know the finer details, but from what he remembers, Chanyeol and Kyungsoo had been taking the same class in college. Chanyeol and Junmyeon had been friends because of their mutual interest in this one anime, and apparently, Kyungsoo was interested in it too. Chanyeol had invited both Junmyeon and Kyungsoo to go see the newest movie from that anime franchise, and the rest was history.

The same thoughts seemed to run through Chanyeol's mind, his eyes got shinier, his face void of emotions. Minseok remembers how Chanyeol found out. Even though Kyungsoo never knew that Chanyeol was interested in him, finding it out by watching Kyungsoo make out with Junmyeon on Chanyeol's birthday didn't exactly make it easier for Chanyeol.

However, Chanyeol being the softhearted person he is, he could never be mad at either of them. Simply chose to withdraw himself whenever Kyungsoo was visiting Junmyeon.

Minseok feels his heart soften, warm with love for his silly friend. With some struggle, he manages to place a hand on Chanyeol's cheek, ignoring the stickiness of it.

"Let's go out and forget."

Chanyeol licks his hand, beaming.

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Tags: au, au: supernatural, crossover: exo/vixx, exchange: seokmonsters, genre: pwp, group: exo, group: vixx, pairing: minseok/hakyeon/taekwoon, rating: nc-17, side: junmyeon/kyungsoo
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