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cornflower blue

paint me a dream

[sticky post]masterlist

Most of these fics are on my old LJ, rokeby.

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Still the One
on and on taek
Title: Still the One.
Pairing: Hakyeon/Taekwoon.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: 2,4k.
Warnings: Biting, blood (brief mention only), vampires.
Summary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!AU. Hakyeon tries to learn algebra. Taekwoon is healing.
Notes: Written for shiritori. Heavily inspired by episode 3 "Faith, Hope & Trick", and episode 4 "Beauty and the Beasts" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3. Hakyeon is Buffy and Taekwoon is Angel. Title from One Direction's Still the One. Also on AO3.

Hakyeon's eyes are burning; he's running on a mere three hours of sleep as last night's patrol went way past schedule.Collapse )

This Melody Was Meant for You
Title: This Melody Was Meant for You.
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Junmyeon.
Side pairings: Taekwoon/Hakyeon, Chanyeol/Sehun (Mentioned only).
Rating: NC-17.
Word count: 8,6k.
Warnings: Branding (mentioned), blood, frottage, cursing.
Summary: ABO!AU. Kyungsoo’s got a bothersome nephew, a best friend in love and a name on his wrist.
Notes: Written for reflection0112 2016 round. Title from Gym Class Heroes's Stereo Hearts. I owe Sarai everything for encouraging me, helping me and listening to my complaints on kkt, and Mari for always being there for me, reading through stuff she doesn't ship as well as listening to my whining. Also on AO3.

The first thing Kyungsoo notices when he wakes up is that he can't breathe.Collapse )

ghost in the mirror
Title: Ghost in the Mirror
Pairing: Zitao/Joonmyun.
Side pairings: Minseok/Luhan, Joonmyun/Joohyun(Red Velvet).
Rating: R.
Word count: 4,4k.
Warnings: Character death, angst, alcohol, overall sadness.
Summary: MAMA!Au. Zitao is drunk, Joonmyun smiles and Minseok tries to understand.
Notes: Written for taobeis 2016 round. Title from Rihanna's Never Ending. Thanks to Mari and Julia for looking through this and also for holding my hand. Also on AO3.

Zitao stumbles up the staircase made out of polished marble.Collapse )

Open Happiness
Title: Open Happiness.
Pairing: Minseok(EXO)/Seokjin(BTS).
Rating: NC-17.
Word count: 2k.
Warnings: pwp, slight sap, bringing a camera in bed.
Summary: Seokjin is a photography major who brings his camera everywhere.
Notes: Written for seokmonsters 2016 round. Title from that Coca Cola song. Also on AO3.

There are both pros and cons dating a photography major.Collapse )

baby bring me in
Title: Baby Bring Me In.
Pairing: Minseok/Yifan.
Rating: NC-17.
Word count: ~4k.
Warnings: GIRLS!,pwp, cunnilingus, cursing.
Summary: Yifei's girlfriend is a neat freak who loves to spoil her.
Notes: Written for seokmonsters 2016 round. Title from Hey Monday's Fall into Me. Also the whole Vin thing kind of belongs to Aleena i think so credz to her for that. Also on AO3.

The soles of Yifei's feet are aching.Collapse )

Tonight (You're Falling in Love)
Title: Tonight (You're Falling in Love)
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Chanyeol.
Side Pairings: Joohyun/Seulgi(Red Velvet), Hakyeon/Taekwoon(VIXX), Minseok/Luhan, Jaebum/Jinyoung(GOT7).
Rating: NC-17.
Word count: 4,7k.
Warnings: Cursing, slight dirty talking, ABO dynamics, blowjobs.
Summary: : Kyungsoo’s friends drag him to a frat party hosted by an all-alpha fraternity. Or so it seems.
Notes: Written for bottom chanyeol's exchange. Mod went MIA so I'm crossposting.. Title from Metro City’s Shake It. Probably my first and last chansoo.

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Baekhyun lets out a high-pitched whine, collapsing in Kyungsoo’s lap.Collapse )

You Need it Too
Title: You Need it Too.
Pairing: Junmyeon/Kyungsoo.
Rating: NC-17. (could be a hard r too).
Word count: 1,4k.
Warnings: Frottage, cursing.
Summary: Uni AU! Junmyeon and Kyungsoo rub one out.
Notes: Written for shiritori. An attempt to cure my writer's block. Posting it here because I haven't posted anything in ages. Title from The Academy Is...'s Black Mamba.

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He feels out of place.Collapse )

yoonjin ficlets dump
These fics are previously posted on writetomyheart

Title: Love, Love, Love. [AU]
Pairing: Yoongi/Seokjin.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Mpreg, cursing.
Word count: 518w.

“Namjoon never watches the road when he drives anyways.“Collapse )

Title: When I'm in Love. [HP! AU]
Pairing: Yoongi/Seokjin.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Cursing (just to be safe), slight angst.
Word count: 2,1k.

In a strange way, it feels like home.Collapse )

softboys/rokeby's end of the year fic meme 2015
hakyeon and teddy
softboys/rokeby's 2015 fics.

FICS I WROTE IN 2015: The MemeCollapse )